Toulouse – Paris – LA – Papeete : flights in progress

Step 1 : achieved with difficulties — landed off Toulouse with a 90 minutes delay!

Vol de Toulouse

Step 2 : achieved — landed in Paris at 3:54pm

Step 3 : hopefully successful, landed off at 5:10pm

(we’re experiencing a serious lack of information for the further steps, we might not be able to workout exactly where they ended up until at least a few hours / a couple of days )

16h30 Roissy AF0074
Aeroport de Paris : Vol pour LAr

Aeroport de LA : vol depuis Paris

Step 4 : hopefully successful — landed in the middle of the French night (4:30am)

Step 5 : hopefully successful — landed off LA at 10:30pm (7:30am)


Step 6 : hopefully successful — landed in the middle of the Polynesian night (4:52am/4:52pm)

Step 7 : no information so far, they’re on their own!

Step 7 : successful — reached the hostel, met the friend, did the paperwork, kept us in touch

Step 8 : hopefully successful — Flight for Hiva Oa, via Nuku Hiva, scheduled at 9:30 am (9:30pm 20/08), 3.5 hours!

Step 9 : hopefully successful — Land in in Hiva Oa, reach Atuona, locate and check in the house

Keep in touch for the next updates :p

Last information received at 8:30pm (8:30am 20/08)
Now connected during school time (ie, night time!)
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